Common Symptoms Of Umbilical Hernias

Published: 07th May 2009
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Umbilical hernias are counted to be a harmless condition that commonly affects infants. The hernia forms when a region of the intestine is driving against a weak part in the abdominal muscles. While this condition is more often seen in infants it has the power to impact some adults also.

The majority of these kinds of hernias will have the ability to right itself by the time the child has turned one. Nevertheless, there are cases in which it may take slightly longer to heal. If the hernia has not repaired itself by the time the youngster is four or if an adult acknowledges that they have one then they should search for medical assistance and utilize surgery to mend it.

Umbilical Hernia Symptoms

The hernia will create a bulge round the bellybutton. This swelling is usually be between half an inch to two inches long. Numerous individuals will only observe the bulge when they kid is crying, straining, or coughing. As soon as they are quiet or laying down on their back it will ordinarily go away.

While the umbilical hernias in children do not create any pain and do not impact the baby in a negative way numerous adults will not be so lucky. In these cases the adult will have great discomfort from the hernia and a trim measure of pain.

Umbilical Hernia Causes

The cause of umbilical hernias in babies will come about when the mother is still pregnant. During this time the umbilical cord will travel through a tiny opening in the abdominal muscles in the baby. The gap will normally close before the mother gives birth. Still, if the muscles do not have the power to connect with each other then the vulnerable region in the abdominal wall will produce the umbilical hernia during birth or while they are older.

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