Learn How To Melt Gold Down

Published: 07th August 2009
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Gold is one of the world's precious metals. It is used in several countries as currency - which is why some still covet. In other places it is melted and turned into gold ingots - or gold bars - which are able to be traded and bought for a definite price.

There are numerous individuals who do not have the ability to produce their own gold ingots utilizing spare gold jewelry and other items that they may have. There are two types of gold ingots; minted and cast. Cast is the process that most individuals will use when trying to melt down the scrap gold into bars.

To begin with you have to collect all of the spare gold scrap items that you own and put them in a pan. You have to take out any other stones like diamonds before you have the ability to do anything else. Once you have completed this you will be able to set the pot within a furnace. Make sure that you are using the needed safety gear and equipment when doing this.

Wait for the gold to liquefy and then pour it within a bar mold. Wait for the bar to cool down totally. This might be done by letting it sit by itself and allowing the fresh air to cool it off. Or you can speed up the process by setting it inside of a bucket of water.

When it is done cooling down you will have the ability to place the bar on the table and clean it with a clean towel. Be careful doing this because the bar will not be solid totally. Before it has become solid you have to stamp it with the amount it weighs and the date you made the gold ingot. This will give you the opportunity to sell or trade it.

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