NSAID Painkiller Side Effects In Dogs

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Published: 28th January 2009
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Mans best friend - the dog. We all love our dogs and care fir them. But did you know that dogs age faster than we do and need special care as they get older. As dogs get older they come experience some of the same problems we do.

But like with everything old age creeps up on them before it touches us and they begin to experience the diseases that come with this. Some of the problems that they suffer through can put them through a lot of pain. In order to help them cope with the pain and the problems from certain health problems vets will prescribe special pain killers.

The most common pain killers prescribed to dogs are anti inflammatory medications also known as NSAIDS. This medication is more specifically given to dogs (5-8 years old) who are suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint problems. Like with any type of medication given to humans or dogs there are certain precautions that must be taken.

Many dogs are known to suffer mild to severe side effects from these drugs. These mild effects can include; vomiting, lethargy, and anorexia. The more severe side effects include; renal failure, acute hepatopathy, perforation, and gastrointestinal. The vet and the owner will work together to see if these side effects are affecting their dog. If so there are other therapies they will consider.

The two most common types of NSAIDS that your vet is most likely to prescribe to your dog is Rimadyl and Aspirin. Both of these can cause side effects - but studies show that Aspirin has some of the more severe side effects associated with it. Never mix your dog's pain relievers in any way unless the vet has specifically ordered you to. Mixing two separate drugs could be fatal to your dog.

If you spot any side effect that you believe has been caused by the pain reliever contact your vet immediately. Makes sure you provide details about the side effect and tell your vet how much and how often the dog has been using the pain reliever.

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