Things You Need For Cow Shows

Published: 14th October 2009
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Cow shows are unique events that are held for farmers and other individuals in the farming world to come together and present what they believe are their best cows. There are shows that are held for professional farmers, amateurs, and even ones for youth to take part in and acquire a couple of tricks.

Because these shows are so important they should make sure that they have all the supplies that will make it all work and come together. In order to show off their cows they require the right equipment on hand at all times and for unique designs.


When they display their cow they have to make a point that they look great. These are similiar to dog shows in that they require the required equipment that are able to aid to keep their coats both smooth and polished. There are specific brushes and conditioners which can accomplish this and give them the look that will impress the judges and the individuals that walk by.


These are utilized to assist to offer the farmer the ability to walk their cow round the field and help them to go in the right direction. It comes in a mixture of sizes and patterns to make it comfy for them to wear. They are easy to put on and off and do not harm the cow at all.

Display Cage

This type of show cattle equipment is utilized to keep them in their intended area and separated from the other cows. They are portable and take seconds to put together. They offer enough space for the cow to remain in their area and still let people to see them.

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